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Meet Daniel Goh.

Daniel began his cybersecurity career with the Singapore Infocomm Technology Security Authority (SITSA) before joining the Aviation Sector in 2013. He spent most of his career working on cybersecurity for the public service and a couple of years integrating and securing large scale military systems.

He is one of the pioneering members of the Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP) programme. He conducted several inaugural Operational Technology Security assessments for various industries and played an instrumental role in the formation of the Aviation Sector cybersecurity strategy. He integrated cyber elements into the Aviation regulator’s crisis management plan and co-authored the “Aviation Cyber Security: A New Security Landscape” in the Journal of Aviation Management 2014.

Today, he actively contributes to the cybersecurity ecosystem through engagements in his company ATET Security and hopes to secure as many companies as he could.

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